Frequently Asked Questions 
Can I file a complaint about the off-duty conduct of a police officer?
  • A complaint may be filed about the conduct of an off-duty officer. The respondent officer, however, shall not be found guilty of misconduct if there is no connection between the conduct and either the occupational requirements of a police officer or the reputation of the Halton Regional Police Service.
What takes place at a disciplinary hearing?
  • If the Chief of Police or Office of the Independent Police Review Director orders a disciplinary hearing, a prosecuting officer or a legal counsel/agent designated by the Chief is responsible for presenting the evidence. You will be informed about your participation at the hearing. The hearing is presided by a Hearing Officer who is also designated by the Chief. The Hearing Officer considers the evidence and decides the outcome.
  • An officer found guilty of misconduct could face a range of penalties from reprimand to dismissal and could also be directed to undergo counselling, treatment and/or training.
What can I do if I am not satisfied with a decision at a disciplinary hearing?
  • A person making a complaint (complainant) or the police officer named in a complaint may appeal to the Ontario Civilian Police Commission within thirty (30) days of the decision of a disciplinary hearing if the officer's misconduct or unsatisfactory work performance was not established. If a complainant wishes to appeal a penalty imposed by the Hearing Officer, consent from the Ontario Civilian Police Commission on Police Services is required.

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