Give Respect Get Respect 2013-2014 Halton School Challenge 

The Halton Regional Police Service, Halton Region, Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board and independent schools in Halton recognize the profound importance of creating safe and inclusive communities. All young people have the right to feel safe, cared for, and that they belong. The Give Respect ~ Get Respect Movement aims to spread the message of respect and healthy relationships, inviting all Halton community members to "Join the movement!"

Halton students in grades six to twelve are challenged to develop creative arts-based public service messages that communicate the theme, ‘Give Respect, Get Respect’, promoting healthy relationships and inclusion to prevent bullying.

What is bullying?

Entries may communicate messages including...

  • Positive use of social media
  • Respect for differences
  • Supporting a friend
  • Including others and building a positive climate at school and in the community

Winning Categories include:

  • Best Poster
  • Best Video
  • Best Original Song

Secondary and elementary student submissions will be judged separately.

Winning entries will be part of an ongoing bullying prevention campaign, and displayed publicly across Halton Region.

Rules & Submission Instructions a must read downloadable PFD

  • Learn who is eligible to submit an entry
  • Steps required to enter a submission
  • Submission form is located within the Rules and Submission Instructions PDF. (Submission form must accompany your submission)

Royalty Free Music

The Halton Regional Police Service has entered into an agreement with to provide quality music for this movement. To avoid copyright infringements related to adding popular music to your video/audio submissions we request that you visit where you can seek out music to enhance your entry. Keep a record of the music file(s) you are using as you will be required to identify them on your submission form. Entries must not include music downloaded from the Internet, even if the files have been paid for (e.g. iTunes – their files are for personal use only).

Information on how to access the videoblocks files can be found in the "Rules and Submission Instructions" document.

Music files used in your submission must either be your own original music or be downloaded from the royalty free website provided for this movement. NO EXCECPTIONS all others will be disqualified.

How you can support the Movement

  • Learn how schools, educators, students, parents/guardians , community and professionals can support the movement

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For more information, contact:

Constable Mike Dinsmore
905-825-4747 ext. 5169

The Give Respect, Get Respect Committee acknowledges the following organizations for generously supporting the 2012-2013 Halton School Challenge: